Focus is on Rural & Urban Co-op. Banks and NBFC's.

Kontify Digital platform consist of features that are developed to ensure the fulfillment of needs of users visiting retail outlets

Highly secure and stable platform with EDS encryption that enables multiple categories of payment services.

Readymade B2B web Solutions that can be quickly and easily deployed across your retail outlet network.

Readymade B2B Android App that can be quickly and easily deployed across your retail outlet network.

BBPS live & AEPS Ready Platforms

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You in your present day life make a lot of statutory post paid bill payments on our platform . Mail your requirements to

We are a Udyog Aadhar enabled company into innovative products and services.

Why us ?

We will provide from apps to bots for information, give your customer the best utility after checking on us , offer your services to satisfaction and look for customer satisfaction and Remarketing.
We are Partners to Lucep Pte Ltd., Paygate (I) Pvt. Ltd., Cyberplat (I) Pvt. Ltd., Webklipper Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and some other start ups in India in the Digital space. We are also helping Banks in their Digital Journey by consulting them on and providing the better of Digital Enablement’s to be closer to their customers.

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Payment processing methods are changing with time,We can proudly say that we are leading the change in a big leap forward with leading aggreators and banks to digitize fees collection and reconciliation.


Kontify Digital network currently services over 4250 partners in B2B and B2C space covering retail networks, Online websites, Mobile based businesses, Kiosk based businesses both in rural and urban India. Current reach through the partners is over 200,000 touch points in India. Kontify's offering today for the partners includes Mobile and DTH Top Ups, Mobile Bill Payments, Utility Bill Payments, among Others.